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A big hello to EssenceTribe!

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Words give us a chance to connect to each other and to ourselves. These articles are geared wholly to that end – to offer you a place to reflect and come to life giving insights that will inspire your life. It isn’t so much what I have to offer you as what the words will evoke within yourself. The free membership gives you access to many articles and the subscription level offers you audio versions and commentaries and even more articles.

Audio and Meditation

Over the past 46 years I have been fortunate to explore many forms of contemplative practice, one of those being meditation. Since EssenceTribe is created to offer the opportunity for YOU to encounter yourself on the deepest levels (that are incredibly satisfying I must say,) it is a perfect place to share with you what many have shared with me. The free membership will give you 6 meditations and 10 audio inspirational nuggets to inspire your life. The subscription level gives you access to these resources and more- regular new meditations to form an ongoing library is just one.

Videos and Courses

You will have access to the complete video library AND regular new video. In addition my courses are available to you for 30% off the regular price. Here is one video and two course descriptions just to whet your appetite

Say YES to More

This video is part 1 of a 4 part series. Here I give some interesting perspectives and tips around what it means to say YES in your life, why it is important and how to actually do it on a more consistent basis. Would you like to receive frequent videos to support YOU in fulfilling your soul’s desires? Join today

Standing Strong AND Happy In the Storm
Living Focused, Joyful, Audacious and Peace-filled
8 weeks of Practices and Perspectives
to Set You Free!
Coming 2018!!!

Subscribers receive 30% off this course!

Is it possible to stand strong in every circumstance in your life?
What would it be like to feel your own sense of equanimity?

The course is getting ready to start! Learn more here

To find you have ALL you need, and much more, within your very center? What would your joy be if you were in touch with your innate sense where joy is limitless? Is audacious a descriptor of you? Would you like to ‘be it’ more?

These stories of ours, these lives we live are filled with unexpected events and people, twists and turns. At times we could feel we are in the midst of a storm with winds shifting us and rains drenching us. Do you ever feel this way? What if you learned that life is meant to satisfy you? In fact, I believe we are meant to be FULLY ALIVE in every moment, to discover that all the qualities that make our lips smile and our hearts rest are found inside us. You may be wondering, ‘How do I access this part of myself?’

You Have The Key. You Have Already Accessed these deep parts of yourself many times and I want to show you how to do so more consistently so YOU stand Strong and Happy in the storm!!!

This course will open March 12th! Check out all the juicy details here

As an EssenceTribe subscriber did you know you get
30% off all my courses and sessions?
In addition to FREE webinars, videos, meditations and surprises
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You also have access to others around the world in our private EssenceTribe Group. It is the place where members can share
their gifts and their insights
their queries and their challenges.

The focus of our group is to
BUILD a safe place for all people and all paths
PROVIDE resources for support and connection
CHALLENGE you to be on the edge of your comfort zone
as we grow together in greater freedom
CREATE a community where you can experience in
the innermost place of their heart that

AND to discover over and again that you and each person has an important purpose in this world.

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